Daniel Frances, Owner of The Cold Call Company and Author of The Cold Call Bible

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Oh, the dreaded cold call. All Sales professionals have made them, and today we have found an individual who loves them. We welcomed to the show DanielDaniel_Frances_Professional_Photo_smaller-1 Frances, Author of the “Cold Call Bible” and Owner of the Cold Call Company. The Cold Call Company is a powerful resource for sales professionals trying to improve their cold call skills. Offering a services such as training, case studies, and a plethora of  content directed towards sales development the Cold Call Company attempts to answer all questions around the art of cold calling.


  1. We learn about Daniel’s background  and how he became the cold call expert.
  2. Is cold calling dead? Why has cold calling gotten such a negative reputation over the years?
  3. What about referral selling and social media as a inbound sales tool.
  4. How does one overcome cold call reluctance?
  5. Why you must be proactive in your sales approach?
  6. Daniel walks us through the proper process of cold calling. What steps to prepare, and what to do after the call.
  7. We learn how to get around the gatekeeper.
  8. How many cold calls are needed to properly fill your funnel?
  9. Get you own Cold Call Bible

It was so nice to talk sales and discuss cold calling in a positive light. We barely scratched the surface of this advice filled interview. To truly enhance your own cold call capabilities be sure to listen to the entire interview.

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