Anne Miller, Communications Specialist and Author of “The Tall Lady with the Iceberg”


Anne Miller, Communications Specialist and Author

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Upgrade Your Communication Skills to Fully Automatic 

Sitting down and speaking with Anne Miller, Communications Specialist and author of “The Tall Lady with the Iceberg: The Power of Metaphors to Sell, Persuade & Explain Anything to Anyone,” reminded us of learning from your favorite grade school teacher all over again.  Anne Miller comes from a self-described checkered background with beginnings as an English Teacher to selling advertising on Wall Street all the way to her current role as a Speaker and Author.  Anne’s background is an overflowing cup of knowledge and real world experience.

Today we were able to speak about the power of Metaphors.  As Todd pointed out early in the interview, he realized that we all use metaphors in our daily interactions.  Want a perfect current example?  How about the Fiscal Cliff that constantly dominates the daily news.  Anne explained how the use of relevant imagery helps individuals to better understand your message.  In the business community where we are constantly trying to relay new and interesting concepts, that ability to properly use metaphors to better explain your value is just like hitting a walkoff home run.

Drive the Mercedes Benz of Metaphors

Anne was also kind enough to explain how not all metaphors are created equal.  Want to hear a great example of a metaphor gone wrong?  Take a moment and listen to the interview in its entirety.  Trust me when I say that not listening to Anne’s wisdom is like riding a motorcycle without brakes.  Don’t be reckless in your communication.  Learn from the best!

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