Jonathan Farrington: Everything The Sales Leader Needs To Know Going Into 2013!

Jonathan FarringtonA real honor to finally connect with Jonathan Farrington, business coach, mentor, author, and consultant.

One of the prominent thinkers in sales, Jonathan joined us to share his keen insights on the future of the sales rep and that 80% of those careers are in jeopardy by 2020, the fact that all sales may be “moving inside,” the true impact of Sales 2.0 and social media, the basic skills a sales person needs today, how sales training is going to change dramatically, the three sales phases, whether or not the customer service department is taking over client management and relationship-building, the best way to build a business development strategy, and what’s changing and evolving in 2013.

“The sales space has seen more changes in the previous five years…than it did in the previous 100.”

Jonathan also previews the upcoming Top Sales Awards, and finally, what does Jonathan Farrington do to hone and sharpen his own sales and business skills. He shares his own success formula.

To learn more from Jonathan, you can go here and here.


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