Mike Weinberg on New Sales. Simplified.

mike weinbergA real pleasure to welcome Mike Weinberg to the show! Mike is a sales coach, consultant, speaker, and author.

He joined us to discuss his new book, New Sales. Simplified.


1. You can find Mike Weinberg online here.

2. And you can find him on Twitter here.

3. “There is a shortage of people who know how to create new business out of the dirt.”

4. The power of simplifying things…

5. Where have all the sales mentors gone?

6. “SalesForce is supposed to work for us. We are not supposed to work for SalesForce.”

7. How do we deal with the anti-salesperson reflex? And how to overcome it…

8. Does prospecting no longer work? Or are people doing it wrong?

9. Are you engaged in sales malpractice?

10. How do you create a good “sales story” — and why.

11. Social media, email, and voicemail…and how most sales people aren’t using them to their advantage.

12. Should you blindly do what the prospect requests and asks of you?

13. You can get a copy of Mike’s book here:


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