Charles H. Green: Build Trust By Thinking Out Loud!

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Charlie Green

A real pleasure to welcome Charles H. Green to the show today.

Charlie is the Founder + CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, and the author of three books.


1. Charlie asks you to think out loud, and to understand the impacts this has on collaboration, building trust, being open, being transparent, more knowable, and more credible. You can only imagine what this does to increase sales success.

2. The connection between trust and sales.

3. How people who have a reputation of being untrustworthy can battle through that problem.

4. Why you should never say “Trust Me!”

5. Despite the good intentions of most sales people, they still do things that negatively impact trust.

6. The difference between trusting and being trusted, and what that means to your sales process.

7. What is the trust equation, and where do you measure?

8. The importance of treating prospects like human beings.

9. The problem with PRICE in the realm of sales and trust, and advice on how NOT to let PRICE dominate your sales process.

10. Ask yourself, how many times have you lost on price? And then, how many times have you WON on price?

11. Should you “always be closing?”

12. How does one build and hone skills to develop trusting relationships? Three steps, according to Charlie: Think out loud, listen, and admit when you don’t know something…


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  • Todd and Todd, this was one of the best interviews I’ve ever participated in, sales or otherwise; great questions, great conversation; many thanks.

    • Todd Schnick

      wow, charlie, that’s high praise. thank YOU for making the time to spend with us… we learned an awful lot… will be in touch…

  • Thanks for the kind words, Charlie. And I’ll apply your “Think out loud” every day! – Todd Y